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Skid-Steer One-Day Basic Course

Basic Skid-Steer One-Day Course

The skid-steer is a very unique machine: the wheels have no steering mechanism. Since the left side wheels can be driven independently from the right-side wheels, differences in wheel speed will steer the machine as required. Due to this feature, the skid-steer is capable of 360° (zero-radius) turning which makes them extremely maneuverable and indispensable on compact job sites.

Students will be introduced to the skid-steer with the objective of safe solo operation on the final day. They will learn to identify the main components of the equipment, the machine’s capabilities and maintenance requirements (fuel, oils, filters, etc.) including the greasing of the pivot points of the machine. Students will maneuver the machine around the yard to become acclimated to the machine’s transportation/operations. This course focuses on repetitive motions in order to achieve proficiency through muscle memory.

The Basic Skid-Steer course is a 1-day (7 hour) duration made up of the following classes:

  • SK1 Skid-Steer Safety Awareness 1 hour Comprehensive
  • AA1 Skid-Steer Maintenance & Basic Controls 3 hours Practical
  • AA4 Skid-Steer Instruction 3 hours Practical
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