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Skid-Steer 4

(Prerequisite: Skid-Steer 3)

Skid-Steer 4

Students are expected to initiate the basic maintenance and safety of the skid-steer and be able to properly start, move, and run the machine. Each student will be tested on their ability to perform all techniques taught in previous courses.

This class will progress according to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Advanced material handling will be taught using different techniques including rigging. All students will be introduced to blue print reading, and transit use for excavation purposes.

The Skid-Steer 4 module has a 3 day (21 hour) duration made up of the following classes:

  • SS4 Demolition for Skid-Steer 4 hours Comprehensive
  • AA8 Skid-Steer Instruction 14 hours Practical
  • AA9 Skid-Steer Solo Operation 3 hours Practical
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