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Backhoe Module 3

(Prerequisite: Backhoe Module 2)

Backhoe 3

Students will be welcomed back with reinforcing the basic maintenance and safety of the backhoe. Each student will be quizzed on the information learned in the introductory course and the first level of training.

The repetition of techniques learned will be heavily leaned on while learning the proper methods of trenching and shoring. New attachments will be introduced and taught in the same manner as previous courses.

The Backhoe 3 module has a 3 day (21 hour) duration made up of the following classes:

  • SS3 Trenching, Shoring, Benching and Sloping for Backhoe 4 hours Comprehensive
  • BH6 Backhoe Instruction 14 hours Practical
  • BH7 Backhoe Solo Operation 3 hours Practical
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