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Introduction to Backhoe

Introduction to Backhoe

Though it is one of the smallest machines on any large construction site, the backhoe is the most versatile machine you can find. If you are looking to break into the industry, start your own construction business, enhance your existing landscaping or small construction business, or you just want to tackle a backyard construction project, the backhoe will fill the bill.

Students will be introduced to the backhoe, its capabilities and maintenance requirements (fuel, oils, filters, etc.) including the greasing of the pivot points of the machine. Students will maneuver the machine around the yard, use the front bucket, the stabilizers and the backhoe attachment. This curriculum will focus on the proficiency needed in the use of the aforementioned features through repetitive motions and the movement of various materials.

The Introduction to Backhoe module has a 3 day (21 hour) duration made up of the following classes:

  • SS1 Worksite Safety Awareness 3 hours Comprehensive
  • BS1 Backhoe Safety Awareness 1 hour Comprehensive
  • BH1 Backhoe Maintenance & Basic Controls 3 hours Practical
  • BH2 Backhoe Stick, Boom & Bucket Control 7 hours Practical
  • BH3 Backhoe Solo Operation 7 hours Practical
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